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Hello Soup Fans!

Welcome to Duck Soup! We are a new approach to both Soup, and eating.Fresh, Local, and always delicious, Duck Soup is where healthy meets amazing, and great food meets 100% Satisfaction, Guaranteed!

We pair your choice of 8 to 12 amazing fresh made soups daily with the best Chef driven gourmet sandwiches and fresh salads. Our signature fresh breads are baked daily, inspired by our zeal to provide you with only the very best of what today's healthy bakers can provide. Your choice, ALWAYS fresh, never frozen, with locally grown produce, and chef picked ingredients to fit your healthy lifestyle.

Duck Soup started as a twinkle in Founder David Fitzgerald's eye in 1997 while operating Colorado ski country's best Bakery-Cafe's. We started making fresh soups in the early days of Clint's Bakery & Coffee House in Breck, Breckenridge's most popular Coffee Shop & Bakery. We started making our own soups because we just plain disliked frozen soups. From a health perspective, all of the essential nutrients of the terrific array of proteins and vegetables are severely dominished, and from a taste perspective, it's just plain awful. David founded and operated a number of Summit County's favorite spots. Summit was a terrific place to cut my teeth and develop some amazing recipes. I'd hire Chefs from some of the country's best schools. New graduates from Hyde Park, New York, Boston, and others would come out to ski for a season before starting their careers. I'd snap them up, and empower them to show off. And the results were amazing. From Watermelon Gazpacho to Hunter's Chili with (elk and pheasant), some of the best recipes we now make came from this period in my early career.

Even some of the sandwiches and salads. Our most popular menu item by far, Cranberry Chicken Salad Sandwich, was a product of that fun and exciting time. It's a healthier recipe than most, using cranberries and other ingredients to lessen the amount of mayo that is usually used as a flavour enhancer. And it works! I just love this recipe, as do almost all of my current customers, you gotta try it!

What makes Duck Soup even better is the process we use to serve soup. Inspired by today's popular Pho restaurants, we use a 'Quick Assemble' process that ensures that items that typically suffer in the soup making process like pastas and fresh vegetables, are cooked and served to perfection. Unfrozen, cooked al dente, and crispy fresh, nutrient filled veggies, and firm flavourful pastas meet delicious stock seconds before we serve, not days, and the taste difference is unbelievable.

Come try Duck Soup, and experience the difference that thoughtful and expert execution of one of a kind recipes can make to both your health, and your tastebuds!

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